Services of Agrícola Santa Ximena

Pomegranate pulp maquila

We have Austrian machinery for the pomegranate process so we can deliver finished pomegranate pulp or provide the maquila service.

Sulfurous Anhydride Gasification Service.

In our facilities we have a gasification chamber to apply sulfur dioxide. In a few minutes the fruit is gasified and is in conditions to be exported and travel long periods in cargo ships.

Fruit packing service.

We have a large building for the grape packing process mainly, this is extensible to other fruits as well. The service includes our facilities, work personnel, machinery and other expenses.

Leasing of packing.

We lease our facilities for private use.

Trading Services

Our sales team has been exporting processed and packaged fruits to more than fifty countries in the world for more than three decades. More than 15,000 contacts around the world know our group and give us all the confidence to make exports effectively.

Fruit pulp

Among our processes, we have the pomegranate pulp. We also have a broad supplier base that allows us to find and deliver any type of pulp.

Concentrated juices

The commercial area of ​​Santa Ximena has contacts with both suppliers and customers of concentrated juices worldwide. We inform what you need and we see the logistics and sales.

Frozen fruit

We have suppliers and clients of frozen fruit at -20 ° C throughout the country. Let us know your requirements and we do the rest. Crimson IQF Grape, High-color dye grape.

High Color Wine