Meet our company

Agrícola Santa Ximena

Our History

Agrícola Santa Ximena has its beginnings in 1993 in the commune of Chimbarongo with the first plantations of red grapes.

Given the success of the first productions, the project was constantly growing, acquiring more land to plant other table grape varieties such as crimson and red globe.

We currently have 45 hectares in production that include the aforementioned grape varieties, cherries and arra 15. 15.

Our company is consolidated in the market. We have first-class facilities and we aspire to continue growing both in production and efficiency.


Deliver agricultural products and services with professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness. Also establish commercial and human ties with both our suppliers and customers.


We aspire to be a consolidated company in the world agricultural market due to the quality of our products and services.

We want Agrícola Santa Ximena to be diversified in the agro-industrial area by expanding our range of products.